The Club - drummer

Jack and Ron Carter

Jaco Pastorius

Jack and Bill Evans

Mafia Horn Section

Exterior circa 1980s

Inside the club

Jack on drums

Talking with Bill Evans

Jack endorsed Gretsch Drums

Played With The Following Musicians As A Drummer:

Ron Carter, Buster Williams, Cecil McBee, Sam Jones, Mike Richmond, Ray Drummond, Lincoln Goins, Miroslav Vitous, Frank Tusa, Ratzo Harris, Bud Maltin, Gary Mazzarappi, Dave Friesen, John Arbo, Bob Bodili, Ron McClure, Rick Petrone, Tom Barney, Steve Swallow, Jaco Pastorius, Marc Eagan, Juni Booth, Woody Shaw, Randy Brecker, Art Farmer, Tom Harell, Teramasa Hino, Akira Omori, Stan Getz, George Coleman, Dave Liebman, Zoot Simms, Lee Konitz, Arnie Lawrence, Frank Wess, Joe Farrell, Sal Nistico, Carmen Leggio, Michael Brecker, Bob Mintzer, Bob Berg, Jerry Niewood, John Schofield, Vic Juris, Hal Galper, Jo Anne Brackeen, Kenny Barron, Ronnie Matthews, Fred Hirsh, Cedar Walton, Andy Lavern, Gil Goldstein, Phil Markowitz, Lyle Mays, Yaron Gershovsky, Bob Kaye, Derick Smith, Delmar Brown, Dave Samuels, Warren Chaisson, Bill Molenhoff, Chuck Loeb, Pat Metheny, Bill Frisell, Chuck Wayne, Tal Farlow, Herb Ellis, Barney Kessel, Richie Hart, Lawrence Killian, Roger Squitero, Don Alias, Stevan Swan, Derrick Baines, Craig Short, Gary Soloman, Chip Larison.

Recorded With The Following Musicians As A Singer/Guitarist And Leader:

Chuck Loeb, Warren Bernhardt, Gary Burke, Graham Maybe, John Platania, Mindy Jostyn, John Hall, Larry Hopppen, Amy Fradon, Annie Lang, Murali Coryell.

Co-Leader Of A 17 Piece Big Band Which Included:

Danny Stiles, Derrick Smith, Bob Kaye, Chuck Marohnic, Andy Fusco, Carmen Leggio, Joe Romano, Jim Pugh, Joe Chevadone, Joe Temperly, (Randy Brecker on occasions, Lou Soloff on occasions), Gary Smulyan, Gary Keller, Garry Mazzaroppi, Rick Petrone, Richie Hart.

Recorded and Mixed At These Studios:

The Power Station / NYC
The Hit Factory / NYC
Evergreen / NYC
The Clubhouse / Rhinebeck, N.Y.
Beaird Studios / Nashville, TN.
Target Studio / Red Hook, N.Y.
Nyack Sound / Nyack, N.Y.
Audio Paint / NYC
Music City Music / Nashville, TN.
Media Sound / NYC
Clinton Sound / NYC


Larry Alexander- Power Station
Peter Hefter-The Hit Factory
Lance Mc Vikar-Evergreen
Paul Antonelle- The Clubhouse
Titus Walker- Beaird Studios
Marc Moss- Target Studio
Gary Soloman- Nyack Sound
Charles Martinez-Audio Paint
Frank Piazza- Audio Paint
Doug Epstein- Media Sound



Life Portraits
Inner Voices
The Golden Rules
Unity of The Spheres
Looking for A World
City Boy Country Music

Recorded/Performed With These Bands:

ECCO: Larry Di,Barry, Greg Hollister, Mat Hill, Louie from BIOYA
Spuds: Simon , John Watts, Frank Piazza
Teddy Girl: Ellen Parker, Simon, John Watts, Frank Piazza,
The Brightons: Introducing The Brightons RCA, Porcelain Records
The Baxters: “Era Buffett” Virgin Press Records


Artie Resnick
Horace Lindsley
Dan Alan Levine
Robin Ruddy
Paul Ivy
Clyde Jones


Songwriters Hall of Fame
Nashville Songwriters Association

Live Radio Performances And Interviews:


Songwriting Awards:

American Song Festival
Billboard Song Festival
Kentucky Fried Chicken Song Festival


Paiste cymbals 1970’s
Gretch Drums 1970’s
Yamaha Drums 1980’s

What HE's Doing Today

At the iconic, Blue Bird Cafe in Nashville

Jack and Gloria

On stage at The Commodore Grille Nashville


Back stage at the Blue Note with long time friends Ron Carter and Bill Frissell

Producing a session at Beaird Studios in Nashville

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Jack DePietro is available for concerts, book signings, lectures, podcasts.

Contact: 917-733-3149
EMAIL: jackdepietromusic [at] gmail.com